Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Free At Last, Free At Last

For his birthday, Adam, my bug loving child, got a butterfly kit. There was a little netted cage and a certificate for caterpillars. When the caterpillars came in the mail, we watched them for a while in their little cup. After a week or so they started to build their chrysalises one by one. After all five of them were sleeping peacefully, we transferred them to the net. Where, lo and behold, they each emerged as a beautiful painted lady butterfly. We missed the actual emergences though, since they waited until night or when we were at school. For the past few weeks we have enjoyed having five butterflies fluttering around in their little home on the end table in our living room. Until yesterday, that is. Adam knew he would have to release them outside, but wanted to wait until Josh got home from his trip to do it. So yesterday was the day. The whole family went out to my little flower garden in the front of the house and Adam gently shook the four surviving butterflies into the breeze.

Be free, little butterflies.

I said, be free.

One finally takes the plunge into the wild. I think he liked it.
Josh and Jules getting a closer look.
They all found a spot to stretch their wings before taking off.

This one wasn't quite ready to leave Adam yet.
Which was just fine with him.

At last. Right where they belong.


Ada said...

Aunt Ada gives the best birthday presents evvvvvver.

kathy said...

that last shot is a great picture. or, shall i say, a "fair" picture.