Monday, August 23, 2010

10 Things Monday--Special Edition

10 things I WILL do today.

1. Finish cleaning/reorganizing the kitchen.
2. Empty and remove the bookshelf from the living room.
3. Laundry. Loads and loads of laundry.
4. Clean/reorganize our bedroom.
5. Get Julianna's room ready to paint...again.*
6. Supervise the boys while they clean their bedroom.
7. Supervise the boys while they clean their bathroom.
8. Clean out the hall closet.
9. Listen to music and sing along.
10. Play with my kids.

*I've had it cleaned up and ready a few times, but then Tornado Julianna hits it and I have to start all over.


kathy said...

crap. you made a list. i've been carrying around my stupid notebook for days thinking, "i've got to make a list of things that HAVE to get done today/tomorrow/before school" and i haven't even got that far. i may steal your list (minus painting jules' room) and make fulfill it. tomorrow.

Katrina said...

Doh! I forgot to put my laundry in this morning. Thanks for the nudge! *puts down the mouse and steps away from the computer*

Ada said...

your list looks like more fun than what i just did.

i went school clothes shopping.
aidan asked for toys at EVERY stop.
i just looked at him and said "can you wear that car/poster/figures/game to school? then NO"
he hates shopping for clothes.

Alyson said...

I went to Target today and it seemed like every other book on the shelf was a period drama and I thought of you. I was SO close to buying one for you (that I would of course borrow) but then I remembered your list and thought "well that would just be mean to buy her a book right before school starts..." and I talked myself out of it. But maybe I'll go back and get one, read it, and then give it to you "for Christmas" so that I don't distract you from your getting ready for school hubbub.