Friday, August 27, 2010

Fair Pictures

Our family usually goes to the fair two days. One for motocross and one for the rodeo. And we walk around and see all there is to see before those events. But this year we had decided not to go at all. But when Dave at Huckleberries Online offered tickets to go, I took him up on it and took the kids on Wednesday afternoon.

First we went to see some of the animals. Julianna loved the pigs.
I think it was because most of them were pink.
She even got brave and touched a few of them.

Then we went to the Kids' Corner. Julianna did the bean bag toss.

And soon decided it was easier just to drop them in the hole.

She also found this fun sand box and scooped and poured for awhile.

For many years the boys have made pictures on these art spinners.
I was happy that even though they are older, they still made me a picture.

Adam is really concentrating on his masterpiece.

Julianna even made one.

Josh had to show her how to gently touch the paper with the marker
instead of trying to draw her own picture.

We saw lots of animals and Jules wanted to pet them all.
This goat was kind enough to oblige.

We also ate Hawaiian shaved ice, watched the police dog demonstration, looked at the photography exhibit, watched the hypnotist, and looked at lots of other animals. We had a great time and I'm glad we got to go for a few hours.

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super cute.