Thursday, August 19, 2010

10 Things Thursday

10 things that made me smile today.

1. My daughter using the word "bodyguard." Yes, she is two.
2. My daughter asking Kathy if she had any coins when I told her I didn't have any for the candy machine at the movies.
3. Hearing my children laugh out loud at the movie.
4. My niece trying over and over to sneak cups that weren't hers.
5. My sister's jalapeno poppers.
6. Music.
7. A butterfly.
8. Imagining my house perfectly organized.
9. Feeling peaceful.
10. Hearing Julianna sing "Blessed Be The Name of the Lord."


Alyson said...

Don't you love it when kids come out with 10cent words and you're thinking "where and WHY did you learn that word?"

I also fantasize about my house perfectly organized. Most of my daydreams include matching tupperware to store all my kitchen goods rather than having rubberbanded bags of pasta and chocolate chips falling out of my cabinets. If I win the lottery, I'm definitely spending it ALL on tupperware.

Ada said...

1. When you say that I picture Whitney Houston singing her heart out. For the record...I have never seen that movie. Also for the sweet husband has. Hmmmm.

4. Abby does not like to share her things but very much likes to share everyone elses.

5. They were awful. If it was a good batch you would still be smiling.

10. super sweeeeeet.