Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Potty Training 301

Potty Training 101: Introduction the Hard Way

Potty training Josh was an ordeal. Partly because of me and my too high expectations as a first time potty trainer. I think I put too much pressure on him. Partly because he is stubborn. It seemed like it took forever. And then it was a process. He'd do some things in the potty, but not others. He'd do really well for a few days then we'd go back to page one. But eventually by age 3 1/2 he was fully trained and rarely, if ever, had an accident thereafter.

Potty Training 201: If Only It Was Like This Every Time

Adam was a completely different story. Over Christmas break when he was 19 months old I took him to the bathroom and showed him what to do and that was it. Easiest potty training ever.

Potty Training 301: Pink Potty Plan

So here I am again in the midst of toddlerhood with Julianna. I had this brilliant idea about repeating Adam's miraculous Christmas break training with her last December. She knew the process and the words. I thought we were ready. But the whole two weeks of vacation she had this horrible cold and I knew it would be too much for her to add something else. Fast forward to June. The Monday after school got out I pulled out the pink princess potty and pull-ups. She'd sit on the potty happily. We chatted and read and sang. Nothing. Pull-up back on. Wet. Repeat the next hour and the next day and the next week. She's happy as a lark sitting there playing with me or even talking to herself and her bath toys, but always an empty potty. (Except for twice when she "accidentally" went while sitting.) And here we are mid-August having repeated the same thing all summer long. So Monday I went to Target and bought diapers. I know. Diapers. I didn't like it one bit and told her that. She didn't care. And since then she has happily worn diapers and even told me this morning that she likes diapers. I keep telling myself that she's barely two and there's plenty of time. But, oh, the disappointment of not reaching my goal of NO MORE DIAPERS. EVER. But if my first two potty training endeavors taught me anything, it's that it's all up to the kid. And to not force it. So we'll try again later...maybe Christmas break.


Ada said...

Um, my vote is Christmas break if I'm keeping her.

Or maybe I can train her, Lola and Abby all at the same time.

ha haaaaa haaaaahaaaa ahaaaahaaa

Alyson said...

Ugh, I've been SO close to putting Lily back into diapers a few times. She was easy to train, but not easy to convince that's what she wanted to do all the time. Stop playing to go pee? No way! But luckily I didn't have the time constraint of summer to accomplish the task and finally in the last month it clicked! Yay! I'm sure by the time Christmas rolls around Jules will be ready.

kathy said...

yeah, ada can just set up a little table, have each of the girls pull up their own pink princess potty and have a tea/pee party. give them enough tea and somethings bound to happen.

Ada said... are a genius. I love it. Plus, i love tea.


Katrina said...

Haha! Tea-Pee Party. That might be the best thing ever.

word verification: "flopple", as in, "I changed my mind. Flopple is the best thing ever."