Thursday, October 07, 2010

10 Things Thursday

10 random questions.

1. Why do the same two boys who I have to drag out of bed by their socks* on school days, get up all on their own on days off from school BEFORE normal time? (*Well, Josh by his socks. Adam by his toes because, like me, he can't stand to sleep in socks.)

2. Why do my kids have to be so stinking cute that I can't even discipline them without laughing at their naughtiness because it's so stinking cute?

3. Why isn't the yummiest food also the healthiest?

4. How are the laundry and dishes never done?

5. What kind of mean trick is it that kids have so much energy to play, but adults don't have an equal amount to chase them?

6. How can I possibly have heartburn when all I've eaten all day is a bowl of Raisin Bran?

7. When we get to Heaven, will we be able to watch all of history on a gigantic screen like one long mini-series?

8. Then will we be able to get Moses' autograph?

9. Will the theme song get stuck in our halo crowned heads?

10. Will we even care about anything but standing in the presence of the Almighty?


Ada said...

1. who sleeps in socks. That is crazy.
2. stop laughing and spank.
3. i'm sorry...have you tasted my poppers? KT and I decided they were calorie free long ago. The heat burns the calories up.
4. I think there is some sort of gremlin who eats in the night and wears all my clothes at one time (a la Joey in friends).
5. maybe we would have more energy if it wasn't spent doing laundry and dishes.
6. who eats raisin bran? crazy.
7. dang I hope so.
8. and Noah...there was a movie made after him starring steve carell.
9. do you think it is Amazing Grace. I do. Or maybe Hosanna. Or possibly Blessed be the Name. or what about Blue Skies & Rainbows.
10. I highly doubt it.

Me~Kelly said...

1.) that happens at this house too, i don't get it
3.) we didn't "decide" anything, it is fact :)
4.) having only one kid and a ultra clean husband means i'm not in the same category - sorry ladies
6.) try raisin nut bran - it may help with #3, mmmmmm.
7.) i honestly hope not - too much sad :(
8.) if i get there first i will find out and text u
9.) How Great Thou Art?