Thursday, October 21, 2010

10 Things Thursday

10 things I did yesterday...

1. Wrangled one two year old and two pre-teens out the door, into the van, and to school. Not an easy feat, let me tell ya.

2. Discovered that my phone was dead. Not the battery, the phone.

3. Went all day without a cell phone. Not at all convenient.

4. Taught kindergartners all about the letter "H" and counting to 14.

5. Worked on book fair stuff. It's very time consuming. (Here's where I give a shout out to Kathy for all her years of doing all the behind the scenes stuff for the book fair. You rock, Kathy!)

6. Worked at after school care until 5:23.

7. Went to the phone store to replace my phone before withdrawal symptoms set in. Chose a simple phone very much like my old one. No bells or whistles. Just a phone.

8. Ran errands (Dollartree, Target, Super 1) to get stuff for Josh's birthday party tomorrow and the book fair next week.

9. Got home just in time to kiss my baby before she fell asleep. (I also took out her ponytails. Boys don't know how uncomfortable it is to sleep with ponytails so the ones who put her to bed didn't take them out.)

10. Watched House and went to bed.


Katrina said...

SO true about the ponytails. Especially the ponytails my mom used to make. They were so tight I couldn't even blink my eyes.

I'm ashamed to admit how dependent on my cell phone I've become. We went out on a date a few weeks ago and had Lauren come over to babysit. Since she doesn't have her own phone, we gave her mine so she'd have one in an emergency and we'd have a way to contact her. It was ridiculous how many times I reached for it during the night only to remember that it wasn't there.

Sometimes I reach into my purse and pat my phone, just to reassure myself that I have it. Is that weird?

Word Verification: manobox. The hottest Christmas gift this season is the Manobox! Whenever you need a spider killed or a car repaired, just open the Manobox and watch him work!

Ada said...

1. put breakfast in the van...that will get them in there.

2. sad face. i am the expert on broken phones.

3. not convenient at all. relmember when we were little and you had to wait to get home to call someone. how ridiculous.

4. 14 seems like an odd number to stop on. just sayin.

5. i love your book fair...great prices.

6. 5:23 seems like an odd number as well. (#4)

7. did you see ocie? isn't she pretty? remember when you used to babysit her?

8. i was at the $ store just before you. i would like it known that i left empty handed.

9. ponytails hurt super stinking bad. but braids don't plus they leave you with fabulous wavy hair the next morning. or so i'm told.

10. you watch House?

Jen said...

Katrina, I also have the habit of checking my purse for my phone. So I don't think it's weird at all.

1. We DO eat in the van. Maybe it just has to be something better than cold bagels.
2. I thought of you when the girl asked me if I wanted insurance.
3. I even remember when the phone was attached to the wall with that curly cord.
4. We only do one number every day or two. We count up to 30 now, but are working on recognizing 14.
5. This looks like it's going to be a good one.
6. That's when the last kid left.
7. She is pretty, but I didn't see her. And yes, I do remember babysitting her. Thanks for reminding me how old I am.
8. I did NOT leave empty handed.
9. I've been thinking about trying braids for Jules. If I can get her to sit still long enough.
10. I LOVE House.