Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blessed Sunday

I was blessed today to do part of my job that I love. Set up our Scholastic Book Fair. Actually it's not really part of my job, I volunteer. I have been helping Kathy set up the book fair twice a year for I don't know how many years. We are good at it. We have a system. A plan. We can work together with few words now. (At least few words about the set up.) I know what I do. She knows what she does. And in just a few hours we are ready for the week. And it's fun. We get the ultimate preview of the books. And we have tons of books this time. I can't wait to fill a lot of my Christmas list.

There is the cutest Pink Purse Alphabet book for Jules. And lots of great animal/adventure/Star Wars books for the boys. And there is a wide selection of monster/vampire/werewolf books if you like that kind of thing. Apparently Twilight has greatly influenced the world of young adult literature. I always choose a book for myself, too. Some of my favorite books were written for an audience 1/2 my age. Okay, 1/3 my age.

And so begins book fair week. If you know where we are, stop by and check it out.

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