Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Today... almost 11 year old informed me that he's glad he's not a girl. Because girls don't like to do "all the fun stuff." 9 year old informed me that he's now "at the age" where he "knows how to bug" me. Ummm...does he not remember the last 9 years? He was born knowing that. 2 year old decided to act like a two year old. She threw a huge fit because I wouldn't let her wear her diaper, new winter coat, and sandals to bed. Mean mommy that I am made her wear her pink footy pajamas.

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Ada said...

pls tell josh I will do anything he does and enjoy it. wait, does dad make him take his own fish off the hook? i may reconsider.

pls tell adam that he is better than I am at bugging you and that, my friend, is saying something.

pls tell jules that she should get all her fits out when she isn't with gigi.