Monday, October 04, 2010

Catch Up

Since last Wednesday I've missed 10 Things Thursday, Show And Tell Friday, and Blessed Sunday. Plus I've not posted one cute thing Julianna has done or said. Here's why.

Thursday afternoon I was sent home from school sick. Very sick. With the worst flu I've had in years. I slept all afternoon and wished I could sleep all evening but was too sick to sleep. Then Julianna was up half the night with the same thing. Ick. I made it to school Friday having not eaten in 24 hours and somehow survived the day. But then had errands to run, a table to set up for the weekend, and singing practice. 12 hours after I'd left Friday morning, I got home. And crashed on the couch. Saturday I was up early making dessert for our church's Ladies' Day and then at the church building with warm Peanut Butter Swirl Bars by 8:45. I listened to lessons and enjoyed fellowship with my sisters. I also performed with a small group during the afternoon session of Ladies' Day. It was a good day. But I was exhausted.

Other things from the week...

I don't like Sprite.

It only took me until the third kid, but I can now predict and react to a toddler throwing up without having a big mess to clean up.

It takes a lot of energy to sing. I didn't realize it until I was trying to sing, and sing well, after having the flu for two days.

Costco chicken salad is yummy.

The only good parts of Saturday Night Live these days are Weekend Update, Kristin Wiig, and Justin Timberlake cameos.

Monday is Monday no matter what kind of weekend you have.


Ada said...

I am completely blaming the flu on you. It's lucky for mom we didn't both show up to her house wanting her to take care of her babies on Thursday. Sad.

I hurt my back once and had to give up a solo at a concert. This singing busy is hard stuff.

Clear soda of any kind is DISGUSTING.

JT is always good.

Mondays are also DISGUSTING.

(my vword is adrin and I just yelled "Adrienne" like in Rocky)

Jen said...

There is no way I gave it to you when we got it on the same day. Someone gave it to us both sometime when we were together obviously.

Nice Rocky impression!

Katrina said...

Paul can't drink 7-Up, because it's what his mom gave him when he was sick as a child. Now just the taste of it makes him feel slightly nauseous, I guess because of the mental association. Isn't the brain weird?

word verification: pluct
"I had a mutant pig hair growing out of my chin, but I pluct it before anyone had a chance to point and laugh."

kathy said...

i still like ginger ale. just bought a twelve pack today. i find it comforting. and festive, if you mix it with cranberry juice.

my word: reeig. i've got nothing.

Alyson said...

Ugh, I hate being sick. And being sick when your kids are sick is the worst because when they puke, you want to puke too. But I'm glad you're feeling better now.

my wv is "mosup". I think it's a hybrid of two slang words. Like when you want to greet people more and more, you want mo 'sup.

Taylor said...

Being sick is no fun! But Sprite isn't that bad! :)
I agree with your thoughts on SNL. :)