Thursday, August 13, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 jobs I would like to have for a week (*or longer).

1. Marine biologist. When I was 13, we went to Sea World and I fell in love with all things fishy. I totally wanted to be a marine biologist until I remembered that 1. I hate getting my face wet and 2. I can't swim. But if I didn't mind getting my face wet and could swim, I would like to study God's ocean creatures.

2. Professional singer. I love to sing and do often. And sometimes it sounds pretty good. So for just a week, I'd like to go on tour and be able to sing for adoring fans across the country. And then I'd want them to forget about me. I don't want to be famous.

3. Dancer. Dancers are amazing athletes and their art can be so beautiful. I think it would be really fun to be able to dance on stage with absolutely no inhibitions. And after the week was over, I'd definitely want to keep the dancer body.

4. Academy Award seat filler. You know how they hire people to sit in the empty seats when someone goes to the bathroom or is on stage during the Oscars. Well, I think that would be a great job. First you're sitting by Meryl Streep. Then Brad Pitt (take as long as you want, Angelina). Then Stephen Spielberg. Cool. Very cool. (And I know it doesn't last a week, but still.)

5. Missionary. I think very highly of those Christians who sacrifice so much to spread the gospel all over the world. What a blessing they are to God's kingdom. And how rewarding their job must be.

6. *Professional Photographer. Another beautiful art form. What a great job to travel the world taking pictures of tons of interesting subjects. (Bonus: 10 things I'd want to photograph--Irish highlands, old European castles, Hawaiian volcanoes, Appalachian culture, African wildlife, rainforest flora, the pyramids, sunsets around the world, butterflies, and tropical beaches.)

7. *Book editor. Getting paid to read all day? What could be better?

8. Talk show host. I'm really not much of a talker, but I've always thought it would be interesting to interview people from all walks of life. Kind of like Barbara Walters except without the tell all book...or anything to tell all about.

9. *Discovery/Travel Channel show host. These people get paid to travel/blow stuff up/go fishing/look for Bigfoot/eat. How do you get a job like that?

10. *Baby namer. I am good at naming babies and I love to do it. I would get paid by expectant parents to choose their child's name for them. I would need a few weeks notice (because it's well known that it takes me awhile) and I would have to know about the parents. But I would guarantee the results. (If you're expecting or expect to be expecting, let me know. I work cheap.)


Ada said...

1. I totally blame mom for that and put water in my kids' faces all the time.

2. ooh, ooh, me too. But i would totally be famous.

3. what kind do you mean? americas best dance crew? yes, those kids rock. interpretive dance? no

4. Heck yes! But I would want seats by Will Smith, Sandra Bullock & Johnny Depp.

5. I can only imagine.

6. you totally forgot your adorable sister and her even more adorable kids. perfect subjects.

7. I know, right? so cool.

8. never even crossed my mind and I AM a talker.

9. Again, so cool. I may choose The Food Channel though.

10. um, I have yet to name either of my kids. and sister, you take to long. you would totally have to go pro bono.

Alyson said...

Ok, so I'm with you on a bunch of these as far as dream jobs go.

2. I would LOVE that. Heck, I'd even take a decent singing voice that could WOW people at karaoke once in a while!

3. I don't know if I have the devotion and stamina, but I would love to know how to dance... and I'd take the dancer's body as well!

6. If I could somehow do this and be home with a family, I would. I would LOVE to be a photographer for National Geographic!

8. I would actually want to be on The View or something where I got to share MY opinion all the time. (Maybe I'm just selfish that way.)

9. Yes! I want to be a nature show host. Maybe it's because I'm a biologist and a science nerd but that looks like the absolute ultimate job to me! Fun fun fun! Or I could be like Alton Brown and be a science/cooking nerd. My two great loves; food and science!

10. I could also be a baby namer. Or even someone who names people with inappropriate names. You know, like when you know someone named Debby and they should REALLY be named Cathy? I could do that.

April said...

I also wanted to be a marine biologist when I was younger....until I realized I am scared to death of whales or any other sea creature bigger than a guppy. But especially whales. And all you mockers of this totally normal fear will agree with me whenever a whale jumps out of the ocean, makes its way inland and eats you.

Anonymous said...

You've taken the first step. With God, anything is possible.