Monday, August 03, 2009


I made $44.75 at the yard sale this weekend. That's around $1 an hour since I spent hours and hours finding, pricing, setting up, selling, cleaning up, and transporting. And again I will say, please, please don't let me have another yard sale. It's just not worth it. (Kathy and Ada, that goes double for you since you not only let me, but brought your stuff, too.)

The boys made $17 each which made them happy. It was fun to watch them sell lemonade. (By the way, everyone should always buy lemonade from kids.) Spending time and working with them made it almost worth it.

I found a yellow post-it this morning which said,
"We're the boys"
25, 25, 25
The sun changed his mind
I know that these were all things said by the boys when they were little that I intended to write stories about but never did. Now I don't remember the stories.

Wait, I do remember the "we're the boys" one. Adam said to Josh in the car, "He's 'dad' (pointing at Arrty), she's 'mom' (pointing to me), and we're 'the boys'." I've always called them "the boys" I guess.

I did, in fact, take 50 things out of each room in the house. And could probably take another 50 if the other members of my family weren't watching.

The girls and I went to Summer Theater Friday and saw "Dames At Sea." I loved that it was so corny and funny and used every Broadway cliche. And Ellen Travolta was great. We had dinner at Red Lobster and I had Maui Luau Salmon and Shrimp. It was good, but the salmon wasn't as good as dad's.

I have to go put Julianna down for her second nap. And I haven't even had my first one yet.


kathy said...

what do you want me to do?! i told you i was gonna bail and chuck it all, you were the one to say you were going to do it anyway. shall i physically restrain you next time? (because i can do that. and i will.)

MarmiteToasty said...

cripes, say NO to garden sales LOL you should of loaded up the car and gone to a carboot, I bet you would of flogged the lot :)


Jen said...

Kathy, if that's what it takes...

Marmie, I did take the leftover baby stuff to a used kid's store where I opened up the back of the van and the lady bought 5 items and gave me $27 in store credit. It was so much easier than the yard sale. Definitely the way to go.