Sunday, August 16, 2009

Blessed Sunday

This morning I taught Julianna's Bible class. I have been doing this every Sunday since June (as well as last December, January, and February). In the last three months, she has gotten two new teeth, grown an inch, and learned several new words. And although I see those things every day with her, on Sunday mornings I get to spend an hour with her that's different from the rest of our hours spent together. In class, we talk about God's creation. We sing all kinds of silly songs. We play with little plastic animals. We flip through the pages of mini Bibles and sing the B-I-B-L-E. She hugs Winkie the bear and laughs. She plays with Lily and they eat each others Cheerios (which she won't touch at home). And I love every minute of it. The difference between the baby who sat at the table in December and the toddler who sat there today is amazing. And wonderful. And a good reminder to cherish every single day. Because tomorrow, she'll be getting ready to turn 10 and start 4th grade.

I am blessed to be able to watch her grow and know, more clearly than ever, to take it all in and treasure each moment in my heart.


Ada said...

I was just telling Karmen today that I am really excited to watch her this fall. I can't wait to paint her toenails and take pics of her and Abs.

Alyson said...

And I appreciate you teaching Bible class! Lily absolutely loves it! I worried she would be clingy when I dropped her off, but when she knows it's Bible class time, she's pushing me out the door. Thanks for making it great for them!