Thursday, August 20, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 things I've never done...

1. Had a manicure. My sister probably thinks this is just crazy. And I could actually use one right now after a morning spent pickling beets. My nails are pink and not the good kind of pink.
2. Had a pedicure. My toenails are tiny, so is there any point?
3. Colored my hair. 37 years of natural color.
4. Pierced anything. Not even my ears.
5. Kissed anyone but my husband. Everyone together now...awwww.
6. Been to another country. Canada doesn't count when you live this close to the border.
7. Been snow skiing. I don't like to be cold and I don't like to fall.
8. Been water skiing. I can't swim well enough to enjoy it.
9. Been fired from a job. And I hope I never do.
10. Tasted pickled beets. But I guess after all my morning's work I should at least taste them. Maybe.


Alyson said...

You're so pure! You've never dyed, pierced, kissed, or otherwise manipulated your body. That's good! But you should go skiing... it's way fun. Skip water skiing, though... it's not fun.

Katrina said...

Great list!

I love #5--that is so sweet!

I'm with Alyson; try snow skiing but skip water skiing.

If you're looking for somewhere to unload any of those pickled beets, look no further. Yum!

Ada said...

1. um, it is crazy. CRAZY!
2. also crazy. and there is a point. um, cute toenails.
3. again, also crazy.
4. ohmygosh, also crazy.
5. Its like we're from another mother?
6.I agree. Canada doesn't count.
7. you are supposed to just sit in the lodge and drink hot cocoa
8. super fun and you get to wear a lifejacket
9. one thing we have in common
10. Don't do it! don't go to the dark side.

Kelly Christine said...

never colored your hair? nothing pierced? water skiing is the best. snow skiing...brrrrr.