Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Letter To Mom and Dad #1

Dear Mom and Dad,

I'm sorry about all those Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights when I asked you if Marla or Angie or Val or Brenda could spend the night. I'm sorry that I asked on the spur of the moment without making plans ahead of time every single week. I'm sorry that I didn't listen all those times you told me not to ask with my friend standing right there. I'm sorry that I said, "Her mom said it was okay if you say it's okay." I'm sorry that I put you on the spot and asked you to give up your Sunday afternoon nap and instead listen to giggling girls all day.

I'm sorry. Because now I know just how you felt. Josh has started doing the same exact thing to me. And Sunday, as I said, "We need to make plans," I smiled and thought of you.


P.S. Thanks for saying "yes" so often. :)


Alyson said...

Aaah my sister and I did that to my mom SO much. And our best friend lived 1/2 hour out of town and didn't have a phone so it was ALWAYS last minute and she NEVER had clothes and a toothbrush or anything. I'm sure it all stressed my folks out, but all we cared about was goofing off with our friends!

Ada said...

It's ridiiiiiiculous. Clearly it can't be taught as we were both well behaved children. maybe we have to beat it into them. :)