Friday, August 21, 2009


I was called in to school today to meet with the administrator. And I got all nervous. Which is really weird because he's a really good friend and I can talk to him about pretty much anything. And I even already knew what he was going to say--that I will have a combined classroom this year. Kindergarten with a few 4 year olds thrown in for good measure. I was ready, so when he told me that that's what needed to be done, I smiled and told him that I would do whatever he needed. Now, what I thought Wednesday night during Bible class when I read his mind without him knowing it, was, "NOOOOO!" But I've decided to be a non-complainer. At least at school. You want me to have a combined class. Okay. You want me to have 14 students when I only have room for 12. Okay. You want me to teach them to play the accordion. Bring it on. I'll do it. I might not like it. But I'll do it. And not complain.

So, this whole business has made me start to think about school starting in...I'll not say how many days for fear of causing any teachers out there to hyperventilate. But it's soon and so I've started to think. About curriculum. And discipline. And my classroom. And scheduling. But mostly about students. My students. The little ones who will walk into my classroom on September 8th with wide eyes and open minds. The ones who will soak up my words like sponges. The ones who will challenge me and teach me more than I teach them. The ones whose parents love them as much as I love my own children.

And that line of thought is where today's revelation came from. The revelation that I need to treat these kids, love these kids, the way their parents would want them to be treated and loved. The way I want others to treat and love my own children. So this year I will spend more time on my students and less time worrying about all the other stuff. I only get a few short months to plant seeds that will not be planted by anyone else. A few short months to make a difference.

Okay, now that I've said all that, I'm going out to play. It's still summer you know.


kathy said...

non-complainer? good, i'm glad to hear you say that (and put it in print.) did he mention you are teaching all the music classes and are in charge of the christmas program? thanks for that. i complained when he asked me to do it, so he said he'd ask you. remind me to thank you again around december 11th.

Jen said...

Kathy, okay. (Sigh.)

kathy said...

gosh, you're easy today. want to go to the warehouse sale this afternoon and then next weekend will you take care of my kids so steve and i can take a quick golfing getaway? oh yeah, my windows need washed and so does my dog. would you take care of that while i'm gone? thanks!

Katrina said...

Don't do it, Jen, or I'll be forced to complain on your behalf!

Kelly Christine said...

how i wish that every teacher thought like you do. those kids and their parents are blessed to have you.