Sunday, August 02, 2009

Blessed Sunday

The preacher has been doing a series of lessons on Heaven on Sunday mornings. I have really enjoyed them because he has given a lot of insight about what Heaven is like according to scripture. I have always had this idea of Heaven being a place where you can do whatever makes you happy. If you love sitting on the top of a mountain looking out over a crystal clear lake, there will be mountains and lakes. If you love fishing, there will be boats and poles and catches better than you can imagine. If you love chatting, there will be plenty of interesting people to converse with. I love history and movies, so I have always believed that there will be this big screen on which I can watch time from the beginning. I can watch the world being created. I can watch Noah see the rainbow for the first time. I can watch Jonah get spit on the beach by a whale. I can watch Mary get a visit from an angel and deliver her son in a barn. I can watch the Sermon on the Mount and look at the face of the Savior as he taught about his father. After all, I will have all eternity to watch home movies of the last few thousand years. Now of course, I don't know what Heaven and eternity is really going to be like. I don't even know that I will care about any of the things I care about on earth. (Except the people. I will care about the people, and hope you're all there with me.) But it doesn't really matter if there are mountains or lakes or boats or fish or Heavenly movie theaters with no calorie popcorn. What really matters is that God will be there. And Jesus will be there. And I can look into their faces and say "thank you." That's it. For the first few thousand years I will just say "thank you." Then I will ask just why they created the platypus.

So today, I am counting as a blessing Heaven. The place. The idea. The reality. And the hope that I have every day of spending all of eternity there.

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Kelly Christine said...

awesome awesome post jen! love it. i imagine sitting around listening to moses and noah telling some really amazing stories :)