Thursday, July 30, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 things you can buy at my yard sale this weekend.

1. mismatched coffee mugs--the staple of teacher gifts
2. baby bottles--Julianna had her last one Tuesday
3. vhs movies--including Grease, Charlotte's Web, and Dirty Dancing
4. books--lots and lots of books
5. toys--even more toys than books
6. baby swing, boppy pillow, infant tub--all outgrown
7. lemonade, bottled water, Otter pops--from the boys' stand (Thanks for the idea, Kathy.)
8. Avon--from my inventory
9. roll around kitchen island--which I love but tends to attract piles of stuff so must go (I have to split the profit with my sister since she gave it to me at our last yard sale.)
10. and other stuff if I can get the other members of the family to let go of anything


MarmiteToasty said...

Take loads of photos....... and to sell the odd mugs at our school fetes we ask people to 'fill a mug' and wrap it in clear celephane..... and we put them on a tombola table.... mugs can be filled with chocolates, sweets, teabags lol, just about anything then clear wrapped with a pretty ribbon or something.... they go like hot cakes :)....

TAKE PHOTOS of your garden/garage sale thingie :)


kathy said...

holy shmokes! i just decided to take another stab at reading marmi's blog. bad timing. (stomach lurches) you know i don't understand about every fifth word, so i was just scrolling through looking at the pictures on the side bar when i came across the knee surgery pictures. holy crow, did she take those pictures herself?! what a woman!