Monday, July 27, 2009

The Joy of Shoes

Julianna's new thing is that she wants to go outside. And not just be outside, but walk around outside. Before when I took her out barefooted, she was limited to staying on the porch and walkway. But one day last week, I put shoes on her and it opened up a whole new world. She can now explore the gravel driveway and the yard. (We don't have nice, soft grass that's good for little bare feet.) She can chase the cats wherever they go and walk what probably seems like a long way to her. She loves it.

Saturday, when we went out for Chinese food, she even walked on the sidewalk down the block to where we parked holding my hand on one side and her daddy's on the other. She was very proud of herself. And yesterday at church, she walked all over the parking lot since it was pretty much empty by the time we got out to the car. She loved finding all kinds of new things. (And was encouraged to play in puddles by mischievous onlookers! Luckily she never found any.)

So now she will bring me her shoes to tell me she wants to go outside. And she gets a little irritated when I won't take her. Yesterday evening I finally put on her little pink butterfly sneakers and took her outside. She wandered around and I pulled weeds and watered my hopeless flowers. She chased the cats and I had to rescue Ben once when she was carrying him around by his neck. (He was quicker to escape after that.) I picked a flower and handed it to her and she put it up to her nose to sniff it and the little petals went right up inside and tickled her. She laughed and did it again. We found rocks and sticks and enjoyed the fresh air and sunset. She pointed and talked in Julesese and I nodded and said, "And then what happened?" And she talked some more. We had a great time. Just before 8:00 we went inside to get her ready for bed. After a snack and cup of milk, she went right down and didn't make a peep until 5:45 this morning. I got her out of her crib and we snuggled for a few minutes like we always do. And as soon as I put her down, she went and got her little white sandals and put them in my lap ready to head out again.


Alyson said...

That is too adorable! Little babies are great, but it is so fun to watch them start to explore their world!

Ada said...

I think that is the sweetest day ever. I love the nose tickle part. super cute.

ps my verify word was "hobblums". I will be saying this often. I mean very often.

kathy said...

next comes shoe shopping

Jen said...

Alyson, it is fun, isn't it?

Ada, just what does hobblums mean? Or is it like whomped from Recess? It can mean whatever you want at any given time.

Kathy, I didn't think of that! Woohoo!