Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Something wonderful happened this morning. Julianna saw me looking at a cookbook and went to her bookshelf and got a book and brought it to me to read. It was the first time she's done that. I love it! Reading to my kids is one of my favorite things ever.

Have I mentioned how much I love Mandisa? If you haven't heard her music, you should check it out. It's so good. (Marmie, your copy is on the way.)

Josh is playing baseball this summer on a park and rec team. It's kid pitched so there are lots of walks and very few hits. But last night Josh got a hit, two walks, and made an out at first base. He's also a pretty good pitcher.

Adam asked me at last night's game if he could play next year and in our conversation I discovered that the only reason he didn't play this year was because he didn't want to be on a team without Josh. I wish I would have known that earlier. I have a feeling we could have worked it out so that they could be on the same team. It reminded me to listen to my kids better and talk things through more.

I have been told probably 10 times over the last week or two that I should write a book. It's made me wonder why I haven't. I think it's fear. I hate fear.

Why do one year olds want to play with all the things they aren't supposed to even when they have a huge box of toys three steps away? The world may never know.

How's that for rambling?

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Katrina said...

You *should* write a book! (I am all too familiar with fear, myself. Don't listen to it!)

It's exciting that Jules is catching the reading bug. It's so fun to grow up in a family that loves books. :D