Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fair Pics?

Most years for the past 12 or so, I've entered pictures in the photography exhibit at the fair. The boys have both been my subject in the last few years, so I thought Jules should be this year. I took these this morning when my outdoor loving daughter was exploring. I thought I could call the first two "Me And My Shadow." I like the second one better because she was actually looking at her shadow. I just wish she wasn't partly in the shadow of the porch.

I like this one because 1. she's eating the flower instead of smelling it like I wanted her to, and 2. look at those eyes! I need a title. Any ideas?

So, what do you think? Should one of these be my fair picture or should I keep trying?


Qay said...

baby grow up so quick, without us noticed it, suddenly they can talk...
: )

Alyson said...

I like the bottom one. Too precious. And you're right, her eyes just look amazing. Title? Umm... I'll see if I can think of anything :)

Ada said...

The bottom one is super cute. Her eyes are bright blue and she is eating the flower. ha
you could title it...

take time to stop and eat the flowers.

tastes like chicken

needs salt

wanna bite?

i'm starving

Ivan & Sally said...

Very cute pic's - Ribbon winning isn't the point of fair exhibit. Just let others enjoy your art.