Thursday, July 23, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 things I'd do if I won the lottery*...

1. Take care of my extended family and a few special friends.
2. Build a building for our little private school.
3. Give the school staff significant raises and a big bonus.
4. Give lots away.
5. Remodel/finish our house.
6. Hire a housekeeper/cook.
7. Adopt a child...or 2...or 3.
8. Travel.
9. Buy my husband a new car.
10. Replace my entire wardrobe.

*I don't really play the lottery so I don't think I'll ever win. But if I did...


Ada said...

Yeah yeah I am family.

the school staff DESERVES a raise. As does the church secretary. :)

Can i help with the shopping of the new wardrobe?

Jen said...

Help with the wardrobe? I'll just follow you around with the debit card. You can replace yours too if you want. And Abby's and Jules'. And all the boys'. And mom's and dad's.

kathy said...


Alyson said...

You mean you have to play the lottery to win the lottery? What's up with that!?

Jen said...

Kathy, you are one of those "special" friends I mentioned. Or are you "ah-hem"ming that you weren't on the new wardrobe list. Of course you are. Do you want Ada to do your shopping, too? The best part of winning though, would be that we would never again have to have a garage sale!!

Alyson, I know. Weird.