Thursday, July 02, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 things you will always see in romantic comedies...

1. A girl-next-door main character. She will be pretty, but not super modelish. She will have a major flaw. She will be hopelessly single. She will have an eclectically decorated apartment/loft/condo.

2. An unlikely-to-be-the-boyfriend guy. He will be handsome, but not underwear modelish. He will have a major flaw. He will not be interested in being in a relationship with the girl next door. He will live in a professionally decorated apartment/with his parents/with a slobby roommate.

3. A quirky best friend. She will be cute, but not as cute as her main character friend. She will be funny. She will give advice. She will make at least 3 funny/disgusted/mocking faces. She will be the first to know that there's love in the air.

4. An unlikeable boss/coworker/ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. He/she will antagonize the main character and make her life miserable. He/she will get it in the end.

5. A wedding/funeral/party at which the two main characters first realize that there is an attraction between them.

6. Quirky townsfolk/coworkers who add comic relief. One or more will have accents.

7. A fall from a horse/boat/porch/motorcycle. No one will get seriously injured, but one main character will realize that he/she cares for the other.

8. A misunderstanding. Something will happen that will cause the two characters to go their separate ways. Usually involves a kiss/lie/missed phone call.

9. A breakthrough. After the misunderstanding, one will realize that they are in love and go after the other. He/she will run/borrow a car/hurry a taxi driver to get to their new love before he/she gets on a plane/train/boat to start a new job/move across country/marry someone else.

10. Declaration/acceptance of love. One will declare his/her love for the other who will hesitate/question/doubt their own feelings. But then accept that they truly are in love.

Bonus: The kiss. The two will kiss to seal their love while standing in the office/airport/street and while being surrounded by friends/coworkers/strangers.


MarmiteToasty said...

Tiz all poppycock LOL


Ada said...

What in the world have you been watching????

good post.

Katrina said...

Haha! What a great list. As I was reading it, a parade of romantic comedies that perfectly matched it tripped through my head.


kathy said...

you could be a screenwriter. i have a whole shelf of that movie!

Jen said...

Marmie, you are so right! :)

Ada, The Proposal, New In Town, and The Wedding Date in the last few weeks.

Katrina, pick a movie, any movie. :)

Kathy, I know! But I love them even if I know what will happen.