Monday, July 20, 2009

Counting Down, Speeding Up

Warning: If you are a teacher DO NOT read this post. (Kathy, that means you!) It may induce panic attacks and/or SIGTF (Summer Is Going Too Fast) Syndrome.

Today is Monday, July 20th. And as I look at the calendar I count 7 weeks until Labor day. Which means 7 weeks and 1 day until the first day of school. Which means that I have 5 weeks of summer left before I head into the classroom to get ready for the upcoming school year. And still, my house is not in order. I haven't lost a single pound. I haven't organized the closets or the bookshelves or the pantry or my mind. I haven't started my daughter's first year scrapbook. I haven't written that great American novel. I haven't been to the beach even once. Yikes!

So, today's the day. I WILL do something on my mile long to do list today. Maybe even two things or three. I WILL be ready in 7 weeks and 1 day to take on being a working mom again. I have to. I know myself. And I can't do it unless my life is in order.

So wish me luck. I'm going to need it.

And if you want to help, come on out, I'll make lemonade.

(Kathy, I told you not to read it!)


kathy said...


Anonymous said...

I vote that you write the great American novel today. I need something to read for the rest of the summer while sipping my iced tea and listening to the birds sing, while relaxing on my swing.

Ada said...

I think you should go look at scrapblog. It is super fun.

And maybe do Jules closet...anything that doesn't fit I will take off your hands for my sweet little Abby Mae.

MarmiteToasty said...

Cripes :)

Our schools have not even broke up for the summer holidays yet....

Tomorrow is the last day of school, until the beginning of September, I think Doodle schools have much more time off over the summer....

Good luck girl :)