Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blessed Sunday

My sister started Blessed Sunday where you write a post about something in your life that you count as a blessing. The thing is, there aren't enough Sundays in the rest of my life to write about each blessing. So, I'll just write about one today and go from there.

I am blessed to have a home. A home with room for our family. A home filled with everything I need to take care of my children. A home with 2 bathrooms so that I only have to share with one boy. A home filled with love and laughter where the five of us who live here can feel safe and comfortable.

It's often loud. And even more often messy. My pantry gets totally cluttered and I had a small avalanche in the hall closet this morning. But it's our loud, messy avalanche. And as much as I dislike housework, I am blessed, today and everyday, to have a house to clean.


MarmiteToasty said...

What a loverly post..... now come clean my house LOL

and we only have one little bathroom in this cottage.... can you imagine what it was like when there was 6 of us living here lol....


kathy said...

your hall closet avalanche reminds me of the guys on Zooboomafoo and their closet they drag stuff out of when they go to look at some animal in the wild. that was my favorite part of the show. it reminded me of my own home. that, and the tapirs running around in my living room.