Thursday, June 17, 2010

10 Things Thursday

Wait. Is it Thursday? I haven't really been keeping track of the days since I'm on summer VACATION! Either way, here are 10 things I haven't done this week.

1. I haven't woken up to an alarm clock. Because as soon as I got up last Thursday, I turned it off and plan to leave it off until September.
2. I haven't slept any later than I would have with the alarm clock. Julianna has decided that waking up even earlier than usual is a great way to spend summer vacation.
3. I haven't gone to the beach. Too cold and rainy so far. Hopefully soon.
4. I haven't crossed anything off my summer to do list. It's only been 3 days so far, right?
5. I haven't walked in a line down the hall with 10 little people following me. Although I have led a line of one because Julianna follows me everywhere.
6. I haven't said the phrases, "inside voices, please," "criss-cross applesauce," or "there are two vowels in that word," even once.
7. I haven't completely finished everything at school. I've only been there a few hours this week and that was with the kids, so not a lot got done.
8. I haven't gone grocery shopping. But I have to today because we are now out of fruit, veggies, milk, and bread.
9. I haven't stayed up late. I think I've gone to bed before 10:00 every night but one.
10. I haven't danced my vacation dance yet. How could I have forgotten that?!...............Okay, now I have.


kathy said...

i slept until 7:09 today! that's the latest i've slept in a coon's age!

Ada said...

alarm clocks are overrated & completely unnecesarry when you have bebes.

Jules has plans to enjoy the summer to its fullest.

While you are at the store can you pick me up some stuff? :)

Katrina said...

I want--nay, I NEED--to see this vacation dance for myself. I am imagining a glorious spectacle indeed!

Jen said...

Kathy, 7:09!?!? What do you think this is, vacation or something? And "a coon's age?" When did you visit Kentucky?

Ada, so true about the alarm clocks. And email me a list. I'll be in town tomorrow.

Katrina, sorry. That's a once a year event. Kind of like an eclipse or the northern lights. Sorry you missed it. Maybe next year.