Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blessed Sunday

Blessed Sunday posts are usually about the big, friends, jobs, salvation, etc. But today I am feeling blessed by the little things. Here are just a few.

Flowers. Adam, Julianna, and I just planted a bunch of flowers out in our little rock garden in front of the porch. They are lovely. I don't know a lot about gardening and am known to kill most plants, but I can usually keep a few perennials alive for most of the summer. So we just bought a variety of sun loving plants and planted them all together in a mish mash of color. I can't wait to sit out on the porch tomorrow morning and admire our work in the summer breeze.

My van. Not only did my parents take Josh with them on vacation, they took my van, too. Since it's bigger than any of their vehicles, I volunteered to loan it to them for the long trip. This last week driving my mom's little Subaru has made me realize what a blessing my van is. You should see us in that little car. It's like a clown car when the four of us are getting out. All I can say is that it's a good thing they took Josh with them. There is no way all five of us could fit in there. And yesterday we went to Home Depot and Arrty bought an air compressor. We didn't even think about not having one of our cars that we could throw it in to get it home. Until we got it out to the car and the box was bigger than the car! He had to return it, go home to get his Explorer and go to Home Depot to buy it again.

Ice water. I love ice water. I would hate, absolutely hate, to live in a time or place where I couldn't drink ice cold water. I do not like lukewarm water or even cool water. Just wonderfully ice cold water.

So there you have three of the little blessings in my life today.


Ada said...

Good Luck with the flowers. I think we got that from mom. That, and her thighs. Thanks, mom. Thanks.

Bet you are loving your van even more doesn't have any dents in it. Ha haaaa. Ha haaaa...sorry, sister Christian...I had to.


Jen said...

Ada, you are sooooo hilarious.