Thursday, June 03, 2010

More Fun

For birthdays in our family, we go out to dinner. The birthday person gets to pick. The boys have been old enough to pick for a while, but since Julianna isn't, we pick for her. Here's how we do it. The four of us write our pick on a slip of paper and then Jules picks from those and that's where we go. The winner yesterday was Josh who chose Olive Garden. (Adam says that Josh won last year with Olive Garden, too. I don't remember, but he's pretty good at remembering those things, so I'd bet he's right.) It turned out to be a good choice. Julianna thoroughly enjoyed her cheese ravioli. See.

She also liked the breadsticks and my fettuccine alfredo.

After dinner, we went to Dairy Queen for a birthday treat. We all got Blizzards (they brought back my favorite--banana split--for the Blizzard's 25th birthday*) except Julianna who got a strawberry sundae. She ate the strawberries and a few bites of my Blizzard.

When we got home, we sang Happy Birthday over a Little Debbie powdered donut with two candles stuck in it. (Don't worry. She'll have a real cake on Sunday for her party. I just needed something to stick the candles in.)

And besides that, does she look like she minded a birthday donut?

Then she opened her presents. We got her the movie Mulan and a musical turtle toy. She loved the turtles! I had to convince her that it was their bedtime so that she would go to bed, too!

Notice how Adam got in on the action. And notice her concentration on her music complete with tongue sticking out and all. I'm telling you. This girl will be the 2026 American Idol. Just you wait and see.

So all in all I think Miss Julianna had a good golden birthday. And she doesn't even know that the fun will continue this weekend when we have the big party!

And one last picture of the birthday girl.

*And speaking of the Blizzard's 25th birthday, my mom called me just as I was getting in the car after enjoying my banana split Blizzard last night. She said, "You've been eating Blizzards for 25 years?!?!" I thought she must be driving by and saw us there. I asked her, "Where are you?" "I'm at home. Where are you?" she asked. "Umm, I'm at Dairy Queen eating Blizzards!" "You are not!!" "Yes, we are. We brought Julianna down for her birthday treat." "Well, dad and I just saw a commercial for the Blizzard's 25th birthday and couldn't believe that you've been eating Blizzards for 25 years and just had to call." (First of all, I've only ever had maybe 25 Blizzards in my life. It's not like I eat them everyday. They were just remembering when they first came out and we liked them I guess.) Anyways, it was kind of weird that she called about Blizzards when I had just eaten a Blizzard. And mom thought it was hilarious!

Great. Now I want another Blizzard. Snickers this time, please.


Ada said...

Mom told me the story tonight and I was laughing. She caught you with her mom senses and didn't even know it.

Oh and one of those pics makes Jules look like a chunky monkey and she really isn't so it made me laugh.

In all of them she looks adorable however. :)

Alyson said...

Looks like tons of birthday fun! The great thing about a two year old is that they aren't picky if it's a birthday cake, or donut, or sandwich. They just like that someone is singing to them!

Katrina said...

Mmmm...I could use a dirtday donut today. I'm thinking Bavarian cream filled with chocolate glaze on top.

All in Jules' honor, of course.

MarmiteToasty said...

oh I LOVE the photo of the donut muncher :)