Thursday, June 24, 2010

10 Things Thursday

Since I've been on summer vacation, I have had more time to keep up with what's happening in the world. And to watch the Today Show. Well, only the first hour or so. Not the Kathie Lee hour. So here are 10 things about the news...

1. Okay, so I understand it's not good to say bad things about your boss. And I know General McCrystal knows that, too. But the media was all over this story. So he criticized the war. War should be looked at from both sides, don't you think? It's not a good thing...war. It's devastating. And frankly, I take the word of someone in the middle of it way more seriously than someone sitting in an office just hearing about it. Did he deserve to be replaced? I don't know. But I do think he was made to be the villain in this story when maybe he isn't so much.

2. There is an organization suing McDonald's trying to get them to stop putting toys in their Happy Meals. They say that the toys entice kids who in turn pester their parents to buy them unhealthy food. I have to say that I was a little offended by this. Yes, occasionally my kids think the toys are cool and want to go eat there to get one. (Not so much as they get older.) But I say "yes" or "no" based on what I want to do. They say that it's too hard for parents to say no and that the kids keep bugging them until they give in. Really?!? Really?!? If that's their concern they should be spending all those legal fees on educating parents, not fighting fights they'll never win. It would be so much more efficient. Plus we could still get our Shrek watches.

3. There was a mom in Ohio whose car got smashed by a huge falling tree while she was driving with her three little girls. The car was demolished. And they all walked away with just a few scratches. She said that someone was watching over them. After seeing the smashed car, all I could do was agree.

4. Right now the longest tennis match in tennis history is going on. An American and a French player just can't seem to finish what is being called an "epic" match. Now I have never in my life watched a tennis match. But "epic?" I may have to tune in. (Update: Isner, the American, won 70-68.)

5. The oil spill. I understand that it's a bad thing. Very bad for those whose lives are being affected because they can't make a living. I'm glad that BP is trying to fix things. But here are my two thoughts. First, they really need to come up with a way that if this ever happens again, they can stop the oil from continuing to leak out of the ocean floor. Duh. And secondly, the president can't take his little girl to a baseball game because of this disaster? Come on. What's he supposed to do? Sit in his office waiting for months for the news that everything's back to normal? I don't think so. Enjoy the game.

6. Jerry Seinfeld thinks Lady Gaga is "a jerk." She was moved to his empty box at a baseball game after making an obscene gesture and taking off her clothes down to her sparkly underwear. When he showed up for the second game of a double header, she was there. In his box. Apparently she made a bad first impression on the comedian who said something about if you drop the last "a" in her name you have "gag."

7. I guess the world cup is still going on, too. It's even making the news these days because America's team is still in it. That's all I know. Except that a lot of people are annoyed by the loud, and dangerous, vuvuzelas.

8. Twilight fans have been lining up for days in anticipation of Eclipse which opens June 30th. I readily admit that I have read all four books twice and have seen and own the first two movies. And I will be seeing Eclipse very soon after its release. But I will not be sleeping in front of the theater in a tent waiting to be first in line for the midnight showing. And honestly, I wouldn't have even done such a thing when I was younger. Even if my dad would have let me.

9. U.S. mortgage rates are at an all time low. But as much as I'd love to move into town from our house out in the boonies, we can't sell our house for enough to make it worth it. Sigh.

10. And then there's this for Marmitetoasty.


Ada said...

I have dibs on Matt Lauer, just in case that is the real reason you watch. ;)

2. I'm with you sis. Give me a break. I saw that and just went to the kitchen. Aidan wants the toy and not the food so we don't go to McDonalds. Or else, I eat the nuggets. Leave Ronald a better parent.

3. I wish she would've said GOD was watching over me.

4. The American was quite the looker. Mmmm.

5. Obama also got criticized for golfing on Fathers Day. I think that is silly...he should get to golf. The BP guy got hammered for going yachting. Even that guy needs a break. He didn't cause the leak.

8. I just watched Jimmy Kimmel twilight saga special. I love them. Although Kristen makes me so very uncomfortable. She is just so awk and nervous. Ugh.

Alyson said...

2. Oh. My. Goodness. That is just ridiculous. I hate how so many people think the government has to legislate so that people don't have to parent. Learn to say no if you don't want your kids to have McDonald's food. Next they'll stop all the candy companies from producing candy because some parents can't regulate how much their own kids eat.

5. I hadn't heard about the Obama baseball thing, but that really is too bad about the expectations they put on a president sometimes.

6. I think it's weird how celebrities are expected to all be friends or something and it makes news when one says something bad about another. (From what I've heard, she acted like a jerk.)

7. I haven't been watching the World Cup, but there have been two USA goals that have been recalled for offsides. I used to be a soccer ref and so I watched the clips and I think the refs made pretty good calls. But people just get mad when things don't go their way. Oh well.

8. I'm planning on going to the midnight premier (against my better judgment). Camping out? No thanks. Ada-I totally agree about Kristen Stewart. She is really had to watch act in anything. Or even just interview. It's all lip-biting and eye-shifting and nervous grunting...

9. That's the bad thing about when mortgage rates and property values are low. It's a great time to buy, but if you have something to sell before you buy it's not as great of a deal.