Saturday, June 19, 2010


It's been forever since I've posted on a Saturday. I'm usually too busy doing everything or nothing. And if I think about it, the computer is usually being used by another member of the family. So here it is a Saturday and the kids are fed, the dishwasher is running, Adam's watching American Gladiators, Julianna is feeding cat food the the picture of the cat on the cat food bag, and I have a moment.

I guess the biggest news in our family is that Josh is gone on vacation with my mom and dad. All the way across the country. For more than two weeks. Dad called on Thursday morning to ask if he could go with them. (They were already planning to borrow our van so they had plenty of room.) They had considered taking more than one of the grandsons, but they are bringing two of my aunts and maybe even my grandma back with them, so on the trip back the van would be pretty full. So they decided to make it a one grandchild trip. They have the plan that when each grandchild is 10 years old, they will get to go on a trip with them by themselves. I think it's a great idea. All the kids, mine and my sister's, adore, absolutely adore their grandparents. They are easy to adore. And the kids know that they are adored by their Grams and Pappy, too.

So when the opportunity came for Josh to join them on their cross country adventure, I was excited for him. But nervous, too. What if the drive is too much for him? What if he gets homesick after a few days and is all the way across the country and I can't get to him? What if I miss him too much? But all of those things will be forgotten once he's back home. What won't be forgotten is the time he is spending with two of the people he loves most in the world. The laughter and the songs and the views and the once in a lifetime experiences. I am happy for him and can't wait to hear his stories and see his pictures.

But I do already miss him.* I just don't feel quite whole when any of my other parts are away. My heart isn't my own anymore, you know. It is divided into many parts, each one given to some special person in my life. So the Josh part is beating just a little quieter than usual since I sent some of myself with him. And right now that part is in Nebraska, laughing and singing and noticing that the corn is already knee high in that part of the country.

But in a few weeks he'll be back. Taller. Stronger. And full of treasured memories.

*Julianna misses Josh, too. With him gone, Adam only has her to bug. I've never heard, "A'amdee, leave alone!" so many times in one day as I heard yesterday.


Ada said...

Lucky boy. When they were talking about how messy the car was of snackies and treats because "we are on a road trip, Ada" I was a little bit jealous. :)

Josh will love every minute of it. And I'm glad its you and not me...two weeks without Aid would kill me.

kathy said...

don't forget to tell them to eat at Runza while going through Nebraska. and onion rings, get onion rings. and a cheese runza. and bring one (or six) back for me. on ice.

Alyson said...

I think we were on the same wavelength :)

He'll have so much fun, though! That sounds like a fun tradition in the making!