Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Today is I's birthday. She is turning 6. It's very exciting when you're turning 6. And there's cupcakes. Always cupcakes. With tons of frosting and sprinkles and some kind of little plastic thing on the top. I's little plastic thing is a balloon that says Happy Birthday. And today looks much like all the other birthday celebrations in our kindergarten class. Except that I. isn't your average kindergartner. As soon as she walked in this morning, she looked at me and said expectantly, "Happy?....." "Oh, yeah," I replied, "Happy birthday!" From then on she did that to all of her classmates and a few of the teachers. It was so funny. And so like her. So happy birthday, I., and many, many more.

And by the way, I'm totally doing that same thing on my birthday.


Katrina said...

I would have replied, "Why, yes! Yes, I am."

But I'm a little slow on the uptake that way.

kathy said...

please don't have sprinkles on your cupcakes. tormenting I is kind of fun. because she isn't your average 6 year old. and i'm not your average teacher.

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