Friday, January 21, 2011

Show and Tell

This is my puppy and she's very special to me and her name is Heartflower and I like her a lot and she's a girl and she's very special and I got her at my friend's birthday party and he was turning one.

These are my puppies that I got for my birthday from my friend that I haven't saw for a long, long time. They're named Hailey and Puppy and this one is a girl and this one is a boy and they can do this. ("This" is to sit on her head.) Actually this one is named.............hmmm.............ummm..............Parley. And it's a girl, they're both girls, and I like them a lot and they're so cute.

This is my ds with a kitty game and I also have Walk Around the World and it's special and the Dora one is special but not that special--E. do you have a ds? Okay I'll give the Dora one to you.--and I just know that's its fair to share and I just thought that this one would maybe be a really good one and also it's a really good game and--Z. is really funny--and I went with my aunt and this is my show and tell and she bought that ds game for me and also I really wanted a xbox but everyone voted on Triple Play and I really like games but Triple Play was funner and it was a Christmas present from my aunt and--I have to say that Z. is so funny--and I just love it so much and it was just...and I got another pillow pet and its name is Molly and I have the same two pillow pets as Simone and Molly is my ladybug pillow pet and that's it.

These are my Littlest Pet Shops. I really like them and they are very special to me and I ordered this one and I got this one and I found this one and they're very special to me and they're very special to me and they're all girls and this one is Tigerlily and this one is Raina and this one is Squeaky and this one has rainbows around it and clouds and this one comes with a bubble head and it has a little cute tail like Z.'s hamster and her tail is very special and this one is very, very special to me and she has very sharp teeth and she has like little hairs coming out and a really wiggly tail and my hamster haves really tiny ears and one tooth and I really like it and that's it.

These are my Pet Shops and I have a kitten and I have my seal and there's so much accessories. I have a lot of accessories and Z. wants to trade and they are really special to me and this is something that goes on the head and then she can sing and this is the shower that A. plays with and the pet shops sing in it and this is the mirror and I bend it like this so it's like a sit down mirror and this is the hanger for all the things and this is a flower and its wooden kinda and this is a little hair brush and this is the blanket and I sometimes put it on my nose like I did with my sticker and it's really special to me and this is my favoritest seal and these two are best friends and they love each other and they are really nice and they won't bite--they're just toys--and I pretend they're real but they're just toys and the tiger comes up and says...nothing. And they are really special and they're so cute and they are really best friends and they like me so much...and I love A. the most. (A. is the only boy in class.)

This is my Zhu Zhu and it's very special and his name is Squeaky because he squeaks a lot and he's very special and I got it for Christmas and I always sleep with him and that's it.

This is my Barbie and I love her very much and my mom buyed it for me and she can sing and I always sleep with her.

Bonus show and tell: A.'s mom brought in their new puppy. The second most adorable chocolate lab puppy I've ever seen! The girls in class were oohing and aahing over her when Z. said, "She's so cute I could just marry her!" A. replied, "You can't marry're a girl and she's a girl." No mention of the human/puppy issue.

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kathy said...

this is my puppy and her name is ozzie and she is very special to me and we got her in kettle falls and the roads were treacherous and we couldn't make it up the hill and we had to take another way and she is very cute and she climbs the walls of her crate and she sleeps with a big fluffy dog and she's pooped outside twice and she likes to cuddle and she's very special and i love her a lot.