Saturday, January 22, 2011


I am surviving without a microwave. It's tricky to cook without an oven or a microwave, but we've had hot meals every night thanks to the crock pot, deep fryer, and stove top.

Thursday I had to run into Target and took Julianna to the toy department. I was intending to buy her one of those little Furreal puppies that the girls at school have and she loves so much. She picked one out but then when we got to the My Little Pony aisle she wanted a pony instead. She chose a purple one and gladly gave back the puppy. Whatever she wanted was fine with me. Besides, the pony was half the price of the puppy. When we got home, she took her pony in to show her daddy. "Daddy, look at my birthday present," she said. ('s not your birthday, little girl.) He looked at the pony and said, "Oh, is it a My Little Pony?" "No," she replied, "it's MINE."

One morning on the way to school, Josh was helping Adam study for his spelling test. One of his words was miraculous, but Josh pronounced it miracle-iss. Adam said, "It's mirAculous. Not like 'Jesus was a miraclist.'" So like Adam.

Speaking of driving to school, we saw moose three mornings this week. Three one day and one each of the other two. What a place we live in!

I learned this week that you are only supposed to put one space between a period and the next sentence. What?!?! That is not what I learned in high school typing! And I totally just had to backspace once after that exclamation point.

I bought a new cup this week. I love it. It's the Aladdin To Go Tumbler. Just what I've been looking for. It's hard plastic with a lid and straw. And it has two layers so it doesn't sweat all over my desk. It's perfect for ice water. And it was clearanced at Target! It is this one.

I've discovered yet more joys to having a daughter this week. Among them are playing with girly toys like dolls and ponies and Littlest Pet Shops. (Which I would have totally loved when I was little. And kinda love now.) And buying pink and/or sparkly things. And watching princess movies.

I've even been looking for a Littlest Pet Shop horse for my...ummm, I mean Julianna's, collection.
Have a great Saturday! I'm off to watch Snow White with my daughter.


Katrina said...

No, it's MY Little Pony. Teehee--that is still making me giggle!

I also learned the single-space rule this week, and I am having beaucoup trouble remembering to do it, and for the same reason--high school typing class. It's hard to undo twenty years of muscle memory in one week.

I love having a daughter, too, but mine is totally not a pink princess type (although she DID love Littlest Pet Shop toys!) It's funny; in terms of interests, she is way more like her dad than me--computers and math and gadgets. She's also pretty analytical and precise. Caleb is the one who emotes and cuddles and sympathizes; he'll turn to me at end of a movie with tears actually glistening in his eyes and say, "Mom, I'm so happy I could cry!" It's such a joy watching our children's personalities develop, isn't it? What a gift that we get to be a witness to it!

Alyson said...

Jim and I both laughed out loud when I read him the MY little pony story. I love how kids think!

I also did double spaces between sentences in high school, but in college apparently I was the only person who did that so I stopped. But I'm happy to learn that my high school wasn't the only one who taught that rule!

I like your cup! I recently discovered insulated travel coffee cups that look like disposable coffee cups. They're great!

Ada said...

I do not believe the rule. Where did ya'll hear this nonsense? Ridic. Ridic, I say.

The kids got me one of those tumbler cups for my bday and I double love it. I've never drank so much water in my life.

Isn't Snow White a little scary? I know for a fact she would rather watch Mickey Mouse. Every second of every day. :)

Jen said...

Katrina, I have to backspace every single time!
Alyson, I'm still not totally convinced about the single space thing.
Ada, Jules loved Snow White. I was worried about the scary parts, too, but she didn't seem to notice. She was fascinated by the 6little Santas though. (Dopey isn't a santa. He has no beard.)

Idaho Dad said...

Our microwave died, and we found it surprisingly easy to carry on. But then the oven died, and that made things so much more difficult. Hopefully it will be fixed this week and we can get back to normal.

Jen said...

Idaho Dad, I have been surprised at how easy it's been to get along without a microwave. Maybe I don't use it as much as I thought.

Anonymous said...

i have gone without a microwave for 4 years now. not really sure how people are so attached. very little food needs to be microwaved...assuming you do not live out of processed boxes.

MarmiteToasty said...

one of the reasons I was glad I had 4 sons and no daughters was that I hate with a passion those MY LITTLE PONIES lmfao seriously lol