Thursday, October 22, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 things about Adam (since I've done 10 things about Jules and Josh in the last few weeks)

1. He is funny. He has always been funny. The first time I realized it was when he was about 2 1/2 and he was in the bath. I kept pulling the plug to let the water out and he kept pushing it back down. Finally after about 5 times, I said, "Adam, if you push that plug down again, you're going to get a spanking." He looked up at me and said, "No closing costs, mama." Really. No closing costs. For closing the drain. It was hilarious. (And it made me wonder if he was watching too many mortgage commercials on tv.)

2. He has great hair. He is the only blond one in our family. And he has this thick, soft hair that lays down just right. Or sticks up just right, depending on the day. It makes me jealous.

3. He has the bluest blue eyes. I love them. And they make for great pictures.

4. He is hard to discipline. Ever since he first needed to be disciplined, I have hardly been able to do it because as soon as I look at him, he does something to make me smile. At first it was just natural. Then he took advantage of his talent. And even now, sometimes he gets me. But not as often as he did when he was 2 or 3 or 4. He was just so cute!

5. He likes to play. And not just at play time. He likes to play as he learns and as he eats and as he bathes and as he rides in the car. His unspoken motto is, "If it's not fun, why do it." (Not really a bad motto, now that I think about it.)

6. He is a thinker. We will be talking about something and a while later he will ask a very intelligent question about the conversation. He thinks things through and wants to figure things out.

7. He is easily distracted. Which isn't helpful at school. He has told me, "There is just so much to look at." Yes, there is, but you'd think by now he'd be used to it. He's not and still gets distracted. Which leads to lots of homework.

8. He is a perfectionist. He sometimes has a hard time trying new things or starting new projects because he doesn't want to mess up. But like all perfectionists, that attitude doesn't transfer to all areas of keeping his room clean.

9. He is a great big brother. He absolutely adores Julianna. He was the first one to read a book to her. And he is her favorite playmate. They are actually a lot alike.

10. He is a butterfly chaser. Meaning, 1. he figuratively chases butterflies by being distracted by the little things that fly by in life, and 2. he literally chases butterflies...or any other creepy crawly. (He does, however, keep his distance from spiders. Not sure where he gets that.)


Alyson said...

It sounds like Adam will be a great scientist. He likes creepy crawlies, he is meticulous, he thinks things over, he takes his time to do things correctly, and the curiosity that manifests itself now as "butterfly chasing" will eventually focus itself. Nobel prize, here comes Adam!

Jen said...

Alyson, exactly! If you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, he says, "an entomoligist." (Someone who studies bugs for all of you non-ologists out there.)