Friday, October 16, 2009

Show and Tell

H--a baby doll who is "very special" and who was spontaneously named Sarah by the class
M--a giant bouncy ball and a puppy that is "very special" and "no one can touch it." The puppy came from grandma and the ball came from the prize box and it's "very special."
D--a model car that he got from the dollar store and he put together which is "very special" and was bought with his own money and a flashing light that is "special" because it came from daddy
P--"Cabbage Patch girl from home" that is "really special" and "no one can take it so that it doesn't get hurt or broken or run over." (Run over?!?!)
I--a stuffed kitty that is "very special" that I. found "a couple weeks ago" that has "a long tail and a bow on the side and it's name is Puff"
M--a toy horse named Kelly that doesn't like getting hurt or getting pulled like "this or that" and who "doesn't like when people pinch her because then she thinks that she is going to get pinched every day."
M--big, green glitter filled bouncy ball that she likes a lot and bounces really high

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Ada said...

I love show & tell. I might come next week to watch it in real time. :)