Monday, October 05, 2009

Blessed Monday

I totally missed Blessed Sunday yesterday. I stayed home from church trying desperately to get over this horrible cough that is plaguing me. I watched Good Will Hunting and remembered what a good movie that is. Especially on a station that changes all the bad words to "shucks" and "darn." I don't like that bad language. After the movie, I cleaned house including mopping, vacuuming, and doing several loads of laundry. Then I fixed lunch for the family and finished watching The Return of The King with the boys. (I have decided that my favorite character is Sam. He is loyal and brave and just a good guy.) Then I tried to take a nap. The cough prevented much of one though. Then there was more laundry, more cooking, bath time for Jules, bill paying, and all that little stuff that occupies my time. Then bed for me at 9:30.

But what I would have written about had I done Blessed Sunday, is Ladies' Day. The first Saturday in October is our annual Ladies Fall Fellowship at church. Has been for years. It's always such a blessing. We sing and listen to a special speaker and eat lunch together and just enjoy time together as God's daughters. It is uplifting. It is renewing. It is a blessing.

On another note...


I have scheduled Josh's birthday party for Friday afternoon at the park. Last week the weather forecast said sunny and 65. Now it's saying sunny and 50. 50 seems kind of cool for an outdoor party. So I need an alternative. Anyone have a brilliant idea for me? Besides snowsuits, I mean.


Alyson said...

I also thoroughly enjoyed Ladie's Day! I got to see several of my friends from the church we went to in Pullman, so that was a treat for me. And the speaker was wonderful.

Birthday party idea? hmmm...

Movie party? I don't know if there are any dollar theaters around here, but we have a projector and a 100inch screen in our basement that we are always willing to share. And we'll be out of town so you'd have free reign to be LOUD!

Does the Kroc center do birthday stuff? He could have a swim party.

Pizza Hut? You could do the classic race to put together a pizza box. :)

You could do it at the church building maybe.

Ada said...

Kroc does do bdays. I just went and signed up today. Its $120 for 8 kids or 10 kids.
There is always triple play or skating. I have a free pass for Aid if you do that so you don't have to count him. could set up a tent at the park and we could all sit in sleeping bags and makes smores.
I like the movie idea but that may get spendy.

on another note...I saw that you missed blessed sunday and I was a little worried about you since I knew you were home all day. Your house must be spotless. :)

and on a totally diff note...I miss my Jules. Just so you know.

Kelly Christine said...

i am always struggling to find indoor party ideas too since kobes bday is in december. we were thinking of a sledding party this year but that doesn't work for next friday (at least i hope not).

what about a pizza and movie sleepover with some fun games planned? lazerquest in spokane is a blast too!

kathy said...

these ladies all have good ideas. i still say make 'em wear jackets.

Jen said...

Thanks everybody for the great ideas. We're still hoping the weather holds out, but if not, it looks like we might go with Skate Plaza. That was Josh's other idea in the beginning.