Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Guess what I got today? Pictures from the Jason Mraz concert taken by the sweet lady sitting next to us. She saw me taking pitiful pictures with my phone and offered to email me the pictures she was taking. I was so excited to see them and thought I'd share a few with you.

Josh in front of the stage. He loved every minute of it!

Yes, Jason is barefoot. Which only made him that much more endearing.

This was probably my favorite time at the concert. He taught the audience this dance to go with his song and a whole sea of people were dancing together. So much fun!

The lighting was great for being an outdoor concert. And you can see in this picture the big screen at the back of the stage. We had great seats and were even closer than it looks in the pictures.

Oh my goodness. These great pictures reminded me what a fun time we had and what an amazing concert it was. I would go see Jason Mraz again in a second! And will as soon as he's close enough again.

Thanks, Leigh, for your kindness and for the super pictures!


Katrina said...

Great pictures! I'm so glad the lady sitting next to you sent them; what a sweet gesture. :)

Looks like it was awesome!

Alyson said...

That looks like it was a way fun concert! I like your new background, it's very seasonally festive!!

Ada said...

Super Sweet lady. That was super nice.
The pictures look super fun and Josh looks like he was having a super good time.

The new background...super super cute.

Yes, I did it on purpose.

kathy said...

My friend went to the Jason Mraz concert and all I got was this stinkin' bag.

Great new look for your blog. I love it and the scrolling window and all.

Jen said...

Katrina, it was actually a reminder to me to be kind to strangers like she was to us.

Alyson, It was such a great concert. I love the Lilac Amphitheater in Riverfront Park. It's a great place for a concert.

Ada, It was a super good time. And thanks for the super-duper comment.

Kathy, It was actually Josh's idea to give you the bag. All I was gonna give you was the song over my phone during the concert.