Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blessed Sunday

Music. Music is a blessing. From the time I can remember, I have loved music and singing. In high school I was in choir all four years and in jazz choir, too, my junior and senior years. I was also the alto in the girl's trio. So I did a lot of singing. Then when the kids were born I sang again. I sang lullabies and hymns and folk songs and songs I made up during middle of the night rocking chair sessions. And in between I sang with the radio and at concerts and at church. I taught music for several years and still sing with my students every day. And with my own kids every night. I can't play any musical instruments, although I wish I could. But I can, and do, use my voice to make music. I can't sing when I'm sad or upset. I've tried and I just can't. But I can sing. And have. And will again before my head hits the pillow. So music is counted among my endless list of blessings. Yesterday. Today. And always.

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Ada said...

Such a blessing. You are right. I was thinking the other day what I would trade for being able to sing. Nothing...not even being skinny. Yes, I actually thought that. I'm sick in the head.