Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 things that happened at school today...

1. I thought of a new chapel rule that I've not had before. Do not play with your ponytails, shoelaces, or tongues in chapel. Yes, I said tongues.

2. A little boy in my class asked me what the urinal was (by calling me into the boy's restroom and pointing) and was very excited when I told him what he could do in it.

3. I remembered, for the fourth time, that when I tell my students to color the "I's" I have to say "the letter I's" or kindergartners will color the eyes.

4. When I was reading a book sideways at story time, the word "Rubi" looked like "Rabbi." And only after saying "Rabbi" did I realize that it couldn't possibly be. Um, there is no Rabbi in The Abominable Snow Teacher.

5. One of my students asked me if I'd buy her a puppy. When I told her no, she asked why. Then a little later she asked me if I'd buy her a chicken. Still no.

6. My afternoon students actually rested at rest time. It was very restful for me, too.

7. When Caleb was praying this morning in chapel, he said, "Dear God, thank you for this day. It's the best day of my life!!" It made me smile.

8. At afternoon recess I had to tell two of the older boys to stop aggravating the bees. Who in their right mind aggravates bees? Oh, right, they're 7th graders. They aren't in their right mind.

9. A student in my class sneezed and I really, really, REALLY wish he would have had a Kleenex.

10. Kathy and I had the occasion to quote Seinfeld. But I can't talk about it because it's in the vault.


Ada said...

See...this is exactly why I am glad you are teaching again. I missed your dang good stories. Mom is sweet but her stories were, well, they left a lot to be desired.
I read it twice and laughed out loud. very loud.
good stuff jen.
and two posts in one day...I'm proud.

Jen said...

Ada, I have a feeling this class is going to give me a lot to write about.

Alyson said...

So when I was teaching, I had middle schoolers and I came up with the idea of shock collars for chapel. You don't want to disturb the speaker by getting up and thumping the seventh grader over the head for making faces or whatever he's doing (Ok I didn't thump any 7th graders... but I felt like it). But if everyone wore a shock collar and the teacher has the master switch, you could just give the offender a little zap from across the room. :)

Kelly Christine said...

several of those reminded me of my job. no lie. ha!

Jen said...

Alyson, 7th graders and kindergartners are pretty much the same.

Kelly, hmmm. Kindergartners and 911 calls...interesting.