Wednesday, September 09, 2009

2 down, 178 to go

Well, I made it through the first two days of school. I am teaching kindergarten in the mornings (with a few 4 year olds who overflowed from the preschool class) and staying in the afternoons with 5 or 6 preschool and kindergarten students who stay all day. The class is small, only 8 students. But they have the energy of my normal 12 students. There's still the boy who can't sit still. And the girl who can't stop talking. And the girl who wants to be the teacher. And the one who has to be watched every second. But I've taught long enough to know that was all coming. Here are a few reflections from the last two days.

I missed teaching. I am a teacher at heart and it feels good to be back in the classroom. It's like riding a bike. It comes right back to you.

I miss Julianna. I leave her with my wonderful sister and super sweet niece from 7:45-12:15 and miss her every minute we're apart.

I am blessed to be able to have Jules with me in the afternoons. Since all our curriculum is done in the mornings, she gets to be there for rest time, story time, play time, and art. She seems to like it and the students love her.

My job is an answer to prayers. I was hoping to teach all day to help out the family financially and it worked out just the way I'd hoped.

My students are super cute. They are funny and energetic and ready to learn. I love them already. But I also know that there are 3, maybe 4, who are going to need "special attention." (Which in teacher speak means that they are trouble.)

Their parents seem really great so far. They are nice and helpful and want what's best for their kids.

Being a working mom is hard. Start at 5:45am and stop at 10:30pm. Non-stop. (By the way, being a stay at home mom is hard, too.)

Life is a roller coaster. I never know which way it will twist and turn. But it's all a path to my ultimate destination. I just have to hold on and scream every now and then.


Ada said...

Those children & their parents are lucky to have you. Really.
ps We love having Jules here.

Kelly Christine said...

what a blessing! u for the kids and the job for u. i got to see jules a little today and she is a doll. p.s. ada did warn you about my cousins child right? i have a feeling she will make you earn your paycheck :)

Jen said...

Ada, thanks...for everything.

Kelly, Thanks. And Ada did tell me about having your cousin's child in my class. But, believe me, I've already seen it all. I have no fear when it comes to kindergartners.