Thursday, September 17, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 random things...

1. Julianna has an ear infection. She had a temperature of 103.5 when I took her to the doctor this afternoon. Yikes.

2. I ate a banana for breakfast, a turkey sandwich and some Sun Chips for lunch, and two of Kathy's yummy coconut chocolate chip cookies for dinner.

3. I have 8 students in my class. 5 girls and 3 boys.

4. All 8 of my students brought their parents to open house at school tonight. That's 100%! I think it's a record.

5. My desk is perfectly clean at the moment. If you go to my classroom right now you can see it. If you go at 8:31 in the morning, it will be covered with kindergarten. Yes, things can be covered with kindergarten. Believe me.

6. I am drinking a Diet Coke as I type this. I like it on ice in a plastic cup.

7. There are 4 families at school whose mom's I knew in high school.

8. My new favorite website is Education World. It has tons of great teacher stuff.

9. The lady working the drive through at McDonald's this morning paid for the boys' sausage biscuits. She's super sweet and always calls me sweetie or honey. (We really don't go there very often anymore. She must remember me from when I was pregnant with Jules and went there every couple of days. Okay, pretty much every day.)

10. I really wish I had a piece of coconut cream pie right now. Must have been the coconut in the cookies.


Idaho Dad said...

Diet Coke or Regular Coke, ice in a plastic cup is an absolute must. I prefer those kids' cups we get from Applebees and Red Robin. Makes the can last longer.

Katrina said...

Just be sure to recycle your Diet Coke can, or you'll wake up to find Kathy standing over you in a Burger King mask, holding the dripping corpse over your clean sheets.

Brrrr...I just gave myself a shiver!

kathy said...

actually when you typed this, your desk wasn't clean. as i left my room i saw someone had left their packet from your class on one of my desks. i kindly returned it. your desk looked cold sitting there all undressed. katrina's desk is freezing in that icebox of an office. do you think diet coke cans would be a good insulator? (ps- steve undated my profile at the school website. you should check it out.)

kathy said...

updated, not undated.

April said...

Mmmmm.....coconut cream pie. Or coconut cake from Gooey's. I'm not picky.

Ada said...

Praying for Jules.

Diet Coke isn't good for you.

lemon cream, apple, strawberry rhubarb, chocolate cream...pick one of those and I'll share w/you.