Friday, September 18, 2009

The Return of Show and Tell Friday

Today was our first official show and tell day. Here's what came to school.

  • Great grandpa's compass that is "very old" (Upon further inspection, it was, in fact, very old. It had US engraved on the front which made me think that its original owner got in while in the military. D. didn't know any more about it, but I would imagine it has quite a history. Pretty cool show and tell.)
  • a stuffed cat named...Cat
  • two tiny little dolls with a tiny little horse that "came from my birthday"
  • stuffed doggy named Meadow like I's other dog (A real one, I assume.)
  • a pink camera. "It's real."
  • a green stuffed bear named Bobear that apparently sleeps in a cage with all M's other stuffed animals but was allowed to come out especially for school today
  • a(nother)tiny little doll that came from a treasure box and is "very special"
  • a dog named Murphy (a real dog, not stuffed) who was very patient with 7 very friendly kindergartners (The 8th kindergartner was friendly too, but from afar since he is allergic to dogs.)

1 comment:

Ada said...

Yeah Fridays! Yeah Show and Tell!

you have some pretty imaginative kids. Cat named Cat. hee hee