Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kathy, Read This!

A while back I got an email from my sister that asked me if we were in a fight since I hadn't been commenting on her blog for a few days. I replied that we weren't in a fight, I'd stopped by but had been too busy to take the time to comment. So today, after the obviously adorable pictures of Julianna, who I know Kathy loves like her own, and she still didn't comment on the cuteness, I had to wonder if we're in a fight. I don't think we are because she and I were in each other's classrooms numerous times today and she talked to me and there was some kind of a conversation yelled down the hall about how to spell aardvark (what's that about, anyway) and all seemed normal.

So, Kathy, where are you? Are we in a fight? Are you too busy with your Facebook friends to comment on my remarkable and entertaining posts?

Wait. I know a surefire way to get her to comment.

Kathy, I DARE you to comment on this post!


kathy said...

after 7 almost continuous hours of art project time (spread from literally one end of the school to the opposite end), and disposing of 4 computer carcasses, and still not being ready for open house tonight, and having to be on constant high alert to the sound of empty Diet Coke cans making any sort of unacceptable appearances in any place but the recycling shed, i'm just tired. your baby is lovely, sweet, a willing snuggler, and she let me teach her "please" in sign language. i love that. and her. and you. but not diet coke cans in the trash. or 7 hour and still not complete art projects. but i do like the coconut chocolate chip cookies i baked at 5:00 this morning. i'll bring you some and you can ask marci how to spell aardvark. just do it in front of as many people as possible. preferably parents.

Ada said...

You two are funny.
I'm working on thank you with Jules. :)
Can I come to open house tonight? just for the aardvark thing. :) hee hee

Jen said...

Kathy, the art projects turned out great. As did the cookies. Now get some rest. And if you don't comment on my blog, it's okay. You comment enough in real life. :)

Ada, you're teaching Jules thank you and Kathy is teaching her please. It's a good thing. All I teach her is eat, drink, and more!

marci said...

Jen, you are better natured about who is teaching your daughter than I was. Soon after Amelia started going to your mom's house for daycare, we were visiting my parents, and Amelia said, "Please."
Then my mom had the nerve to say, "Oh, is Peggy teaching you how to say 'please'?" WHAT! Every one knows that she learns all her good habits from me and her bad habits from John!
And as for asking me how to spell "aardvark", it really only works if it is in a totally natural circumstance, such as, studying insectivores in science and needing to spell "aardvark" for your notes.