Thursday, January 28, 2010

10 Things Thursday

10 foods I wish I had right now. (I guess I should have eaten breakfast.)

1. Mom's chicken and dumplings (Or her biscuits and gravy. Or her lasagna.)
2. Toro Viejo appetizer sampler
3. Arrty's homemade french fries
4. Long John Silver's fish and chips
5. Dad's prime rib (Or his grilled salmon. Or his hamburgers cooked over an open fire.)
6. Aunt Cathy's loaded mashed potatoes
7. Ada's white cupcakes with white frosting (Or any of her yummy desserts. Or her poppers. Or her chicken ranch cheese ball.)
8. tomato basil soup and garlic bread from Tomato Street
9. chopped salad from Outback
10. homemade pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms, olives and lots of cheese

Hungry yet?


Alyson said...

Oh man you made me SUPER hungry. And you don't want to make a pregnant lady SUPER hungry because she might eat you! But Lily is napping so I can't go out to every single place you mentioned and pick something up. Sigh. Can of soup I guess :)

marci said...

Yes......So.......Hungry! And I'm trying to be good. Salad just doesn't cut it!