Friday, January 08, 2010

Show and Tell

"This is my build-a-bear named Katie that I made at Build-A-Bear yesterday. She has a little purse and shoes. We play together."

"This is my puppy. I feed her really much and I give her a bed and take her for walks and she does that thing again and she barks and I take good care of her and if she bites you I'll just take care of that and if she gets around you she might bite your skin off so be careful around her. She hides in here (sweatshirt pocket) and takes her rest time and sometimes I put her in there to play and she's going to grow up to be a big wiener dog."

"This is my pet. This is my kitty. I can turn her on and her name is buttons and she likes to cuddle with me and sit in my own rocking chair and then she sleeps with me at night. She bites."

"This is my doggy named Meadow. She's very special and I found her yesterday. She was in my toy chest and she's very special."

"This is my stuffed kitty. I really like her and she likes to snuggle with me and I really like her and she's really special and I really really love her and she likes people she knows and people she doesn't know. And she bites."

A. is more of a show-er than a teller. He took his Etch-a-sketch and sat in the show and tell chair and said nothing. After asking some questions, we found out that he got if from the store, he found it when he went home, and he drew an octagon on it.

"This is my puppy and I really like her I play with her a lot."

"These are my transformers. I got them for Christmas aaaaaaand...that's all."

"This is my sister's teddy bear. When I brought her other toy somebody broke it so I brought this that cannot break."

"This is my Barbie. She's really special and I really like it and it's super pretty."

"This is my phone and I like to play with it and it's really cool and I like to play with it and I call my dad and mommy and I like to take pictures."


Katrina said...

At least Barbie doesn't bite.

kathy said...

maybe i should have brought the cat i found. i'm pretty sure it wouldn't bite.

Jen said...

Katrina, I know! I may have to ban biting show and tells.

Kathy, umm...I think you're right. And thank you so much for just telling and not showing me that one.