Friday, January 29, 2010


So there will be no show and tell today since there are no students here today. It is a teacher work day. I just finished my report cards, which are actually pretty easy to do for kindergartners since there aren't any grades to average. It's mostly just "yes, your child can recognize the letters of the alphabet" or "no, your child is not an attentive listener." The hardest part is the teacher comments on the back. I try to be creative, but sometimes I just want to write, "A pleasure to have in class." Or, "Really, you expect me to teach this kid?" But I don't. I write something about each child's progress and how they are doing in class. Even if I have something negative to say, I don't put it on the report card. Mostly because my sister still remembers when her kindergarten report card said that she talked too much in class. (Really? Ada?) I save those kinds of things for conferences. Not put them on something that will follow the kid around for the next 12 years.

I'm very happy to be finished with report cards for one more quarter and can hardly believe that we are halfway through the school year. Amazing. Now I just have to plan for the second half. Can you say weekly field trips?

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Ada said...

Um, hello. I was just a friendly child. And I'm sure Mrs. Swaim put a smiley face by it. :)