Friday, January 22, 2010

Show and Tell

"This is my Barbie. I got her 30 days ago and I really love her and this is my other girl that I got for my birthday when I was 5 and I really love her. And this one can do the splits."

"A pirate teddy . He's a pirate because he has a sword and a pirate hat and a shirt and some pants. And he's a captain. And I got him a long, long, long time ago."

"This is my frog. I got him from my grandma on my birthday. I really like him. He's a Webkinz. And he's a tree frog. And my brother really likes him and he wants to trade but I don't want to trade because he's a cute little frog."

"This is my mouse and this is his book that goes with it. My grandma who lives in San Diego gave it to me and we read it every single night. And his name is Sparky."

"This is my other lion (it's actually a leopard) and I like her and I can dress her up whatever I want and she's the cutest lion (umm, leopard) in the whole world and her name is Mittens and yesterday was her birthday and she turned six."

"This is my puppy and I really like her and I got it from my birthday and I like to play with it and it's special and her name is..................Sarah."

"This is my Barbie and it's really special and I used to play with her a lot but I don't now and I like my other Barbies."

"This is my Bakugan and my Batman and that's all."

"This is my dolly. My mom put her in a ponytail and I think she looks really pretty that way. She's kind of a Barbie. And I have a really cool room. If you want to come to my house you can and if you want to play with my toys you can. I used to have a castle but I got rid of it but you could build a house of paper or if you want to pet my pet chicken at home you can. What I love about her is her house but I got rid of it because I had too much toys. I really saw a door that had animals on it too so we got rid of a lot of toys. She's really special. I got all of the brat dolls when I was a very little girl. And I have flowers on my walls too. And there was a big box with a lot of girls and boys in there. If you want to make them that way and you can play with this one or a boy one too or build them a house. And I love her so much and I got her as a present. And my mom got her as a present and they decorated my room and there was more girls than boys so she doesn't change her hair to another color but if you want her hair curly I can make her hair curly and if she wakes up that morning she'll have curly hair. She has curlers, pink curlers, and it curls your hair and you look pretty when you wake up in the morning. We don't have strawberries but we have a garden that will have watermelon and watermelon is this big and when it's little it gets this little in your garden and it grows and grows and grows and gets this big. I love her so much and she's my favorite Barbie in the whole entire world. And I put her in the bathtub with me today and my mom put her in a ponytail. And that is the end of the story."
(Seriously. This is pretty much word for word what she said. Seriously.)

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Ada said...

um, that was me at show and tell a million years ago. i can just tell.