Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Big Brother

This week in Bible class, I have been teaching the kids about the childhood of Jesus. We hear a lot about Jesus the baby and Jesus the man, but I told them that he was a child, too, just like they are now. He played and laughed and skinned his knees. I also told them that he had younger brothers and sisters. One little boy in the class asked me if his brothers and sisters were ever jealous of Jesus since he was perfect. Good question. Can you imagine? "Why can't you be more like your brother?" Really? That's a lot of pressure. But my answer to the question was this. I think that even though Jesus was perfect and he knew who he was, he didn't make his siblings feel anything but loved. Did they feel pressure? Maybe. But not from him. And even more so, can you imagine having Jesus as your big brother? The whole "my brother is stronger than your brother" thing would be brought to a whole nother level. He was there to protect and watch over them like no other big brother before or since. And do you want to know the great part? The wonderful, amazing, unbelievable part? He does that for me, too.

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