Saturday, January 09, 2010

Happy Birthday, Abby Mae!

There are two little girls in this world that I love more than any others. Julianna and this one.

My sweet, sweet niece Abby.

She turns one today.
Happy Birthday, sweet girl!


Katrina said...

Happy Birthday, Abby!

kathy said...

happy birthday, abby, you cute thing! congratulations to your mom and dad, they've done a good job with you!

Ada said...

Ahhh, isn't she adorable? :)
Thanks for all your help today. Thanks for the photos that I'm sure you are emailing me and thanks especially for the sweetest baby book EVER.

love you.

Jen said...

Katrina and Kathy, thanks for your well wishes. I know Abby will see them because she is a faithful reader of my blog. :) Well, her mommy is and I know she'll pass on your messages.

Ada, the most adorable! And she was so good at her party.