Sunday, January 03, 2010

Blessed Sunday

What a blessing it was today to look at the bank thermometer and see 50 degrees. 50! On the third of January! I love God's amazing creation that can give us spring like days in the middle of winter. I'll take 75 more days just like today...until it's really spring.


Anonymous said...

I sure did enjoy your boys the other day. They will always be welcome here and I hope they make it a destination every time they are in town. The Stickman

Jen said...

Stickman, Thanks so much. They enjoyed their visit, too. It was the highlight of their boys' day. They couldn't wait to show me their new treasures.

Anonymous said...

As they continue to come, the treasures might increase because I like them so much. One of your boys wanted a treasured piece of Amethyst that was hidden away in a box. I say 'no', but maybe next time I will find a way to have them share it, like once a week it's yours and the next week it's mine. Enjoy watching them grow up, I remember those days. The Stickman